The biggest difference between this year and last will be the car count. This year there are only 17 cars with 6 LMPs and 11 GT2s;  last year the count was 29 cars with 12 LMP’s — that’s a big difference on a 1.8-mile street course.  Last year we had four periods of caution totaling 22 laps. This year Sebring only had three cautions in 12 hours! Could St Pete go green the whole race? Less yellow would certainly change the pit strategy, especially considering it’s a short one-hour, 55-minute race. At that timing, St. Pete  is a relatively easy one stop race for all the GT2 cars; caution dependent of course.With such a tight circuit,  passing will be difficult GT to GT and LMP to GT. But that hasn’t changed; qualifying up front is still key here. The Viper, Ford GT, Riley Corvette and Panoz(s) have straight line speed on the field and with their improved competitiveness passing them will be that much more difficult this year. We don’t expect the power to help them here -they still struggle in the corners and they all struggled here last year with pace. The Panoz was very competitive at Sebring and took 3rd in class. A street course could possibly suit their 09’ tires better this year. The BMW’s are still a bit of an unknown. The BMW’s showed signs of competitiveness at Sebring but were just a tick off on pace; reliability put them out of the race. The Porsches were quick at Sebring and at St Pete last year and have to be the biggest Ferrari threat, not discounting the BMW’s. But with only one Ferrari in the field this year, the strength is in the Porsche camp car count.St Pete isn't (wasn’t) hard to setup for, and we should have a good base setup. The track will change significantly with every session and again before the race as it “rubbers in”; we’ll have to anticipate this in the race setup.The Risi Ferrari certainly has momentum from the Sebring victory. We’ve been quick at St Pete in the past, won in 2007 and were in position to win last year but a component failure put us out of the lead.  We’d certainly like to keep the season rolling with a win here and make up for last year.