Porsche Young Driver Academy Q&A Madison Snow

Q: What did your two-day experience at the Porsche Young Driver Academy consist of?

A: The first day was all classroom so I learned a lot of media aspects and tires and such and how Porsche operates. The second day we had the on-track and that was my first time driving a Porsche street car, got familiar with the line sand then we hopped in the 997 to race practice and get up to speed.

Q: Did you get to know the other drivers participating?

A: We were all just hanging out with each other, having fun, helping each other fast. I definitely became a lot closer with Angel (Benitez Jr.) after that experience.

Q: How did you like Barber Motorsports Park?

A: Barber had great flow and everything. It was a great track for testing.

I definitely took the longest time getting up to speed but by the end of the session we were all very close with times.

Q: What did you learn from the experience?

A: It’s nice to know what they were expecting for lap times, consistency and such. It’s nice to do different things and see what they like. Porsche is really the only manufacturer that I know of that does all the stuff with the drivers and moves up and support at the track every weekend so that makes Porsche different from everyone else and it’s amazing. They help you as a support group to move up so no matter what they help you become a better driver.

Q: What will you take away from the program?

A: It’s something that’s improved my driving and helped me a lot and help us know where we should go next year and take us forward from there.